Monthly Archives: August 2008

Page translation + documenting = translated documentation???

Not yet at least. I was sick for few days and actually worked mostly on page translations this week to get it working. But I also wrote some more documentation, but it is not yet published. The wiki page translation should now work with some caveats, and it doesn’t yet have all the features I wanted. See a very simple example here.

It can now display the languages and how complete and up-to-date they the translations are approximately. Suitable translation is not yet automatically selected for the user, but at least the user can now see which languages are available and view them, as opposed to the previous version.

This projects ends in a week. It has been very nice, and I still hope I can recover a little from the problems encountered in this task. Let’s hope the summer doesn’t end this week also, even though I already have done my schedule for next study year in the university.

Status update

This update is somewhat delayed, a bit too much even in my opinion. There has been some problems with the wikipage translation design I started with, like broken and complicated caching. I’m now trying a different approach but I’ve already spend more time on this than the two weeks I have allocated for it. Tomorrow I have an exam, but I’ve planned to spend the rest of the week to try to get something usable out.

After that I change to the other items, two way changes and documentation. If I can finish them quickly I could resume working on the wikipage translation if needed. In any case it looks like that I don’t have time to work on the optional features.

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