Project progress

Had to spend some time maintaining Betawiki, so the progress has been a little slow for the past week. Aside from that I’ve been working on many things.

I have setup a test project for Gettext: a Wesnoth campaign. It is now shown to all, just to us few testers who are going to translate it using Betawiki. It already helped to find some bugs, simplify the code and the edit view got support from displaying information extracted from the pot file.

To make a project available for translation it is not enough to only add it to the list. That part is easy to do, just checking out the files and about twenty lines of code. But to really support a project, we need to work closely with the development team and with the existing translation communities around it. It would be easy if we could just get everyone to use Betawiki immediately, but often some people don’t want to use the web interface for one reason or another. We need to setup rules which languages are translated and where, to avoid conflicts, map our language codes to what the project uses and setup some kind of integration process that translation actually get to the upstream, and that upstream changes propagate in a proper way back to us.

But back to the project. I have been reading Xliff format specifications. It’s fortunately quite short and clear and has nice examples. Xliff supports all kinds of nice features, and I have been trying to decide which features we need to support. I wrote a simple implementation that can export translations in minimalistic Xliff file. It was actuall a pretty easy to do, under 100 lines of code. It would be a really good to get someone who uses programs that accept Xliff files to comment which features would be useful to implement. In any case, I will implement a parser too this week, so that we can get those translations back too :).

If the test project doesn’t bring any big surprises, I start preparing to tackle the next task in the project schedule.

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