Checks and bugfixes

This is a status report again.

Possibility to translate aliases for special pages didn’t cause any mass movement. Let’s wait for a another week to see what happens. In the mean time I’ve improved the check framework. There is now own checks for FreeCol, existing checks were improved and it is easy to add checks for new types. It is also possible for translators to get list of messages tagged by the checks. The down side is that running checks is slow, so that the list doesn’t update in real time. Anyway it is better than before.

Gettext got improvements and fixes, thanks to a new testing project. Mobile Broadband Configuration Assistant is project of another Summercode Finland participant and friend of mine that is enabled for translation for testing. The same guy made me to fix one bad usability issue that was long due. It was a quick hack, but a start for better.

Xliff support is still stalled, but I managed to contact the nice pootle developer I met at FOSDEM 2008. We talked shortly in which ways we can co-operate (less in terms of code) and a little which features should be implemented. Didn’t get much out of it, as Xliff is quite a new standard, and support in other tools is also in emerging state. This confirms my thoughts that it is not worth to shoot in the dark, but do features for it when there is a need or support for those.

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