GSoC status report – Translate extension

Last year I participated in Summer code Finland. During that I added many new features to Translate extension, to allow biggest user of the extension, grow bigger. And now is indeed bigger. This year the project plan contains many tasks, which aim to make the using experience more pleasant both the translators and the project admins. In addition there is a pile of bug fixes and i18n improvements to MediaWiki. I will tell more about those features when I finish them.

The first coding week is now in the past. The big task for that week turned out to be more difficult than estimated. It was about making certain things faster, mostly regarding to generating translation statistics. The cause for the slowness was fuzzy messages, which are messages which have translation but the translation needs updating or reviewing. Information about fuzziness was stored as text string in the message content itself.  Now it is mirrored to another table, where it can be queried without loading the translation and checking the existence of the fuzzy string. Thanks to everyone who helped with that.

Fortunately I managed to do some other tasks too. Siebrand is likely to be happy, that he can export translation of MediaWiki’s namespaces, magic words and special page aliases with one command on command line. That is, instead of using web browser and requesting an export of one of those features for each language individually and pasting them to the translation files. Should save some precious time for better use.

Stay tuned for the next status report! It may take a week or two, as I am planning a little holiday trip to Sottunga in Åland and I don’t expect to be connected very often.

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