You are in Israel. With a group of friends. You are the only one who doesn’t yet have a train ticket. You try to buy a train ticket. There is a ticket machine, but it does look a bit different from what you are used to. To pay with a credit card you need to control the reading power of the card reader manually. You adjust the power knob, but before you have time to think what happened it gets overloaded and what remains of your credit card is a charred piece and smoke.

You are now stuck in Israel with no money. You run from one light rail to another with the group of friends. Due to jetlag you move slowly and almost miss the switch.

You try to get some people to help you but they are very reluctant. You are supposed to go to a hotel in another town and you need money to pay for the room. Yet, nobody promises even to give money for a train ticket.

Later, the group of friends go away. You are alone. Buy you have a laptop. You use the laptop to send an email with a title “[URGENT]: stuck in Israel”. The body of the email is colorful and has physical texture. As you continue to type, the text stops making any sense, deteriorating to single letters here and there.

You try to Google any info about the Finnish consulate without luck. The battery is almost empty. Suddenly you hear weird noises. You hear a voice not unlike Gollum. Your eyes enlarge wide open as you stare a humanoid monster. You toss away the laptop quickly but calmly next to the rails and flee up to small stairs leading to a bathroom. You lock the door but you can’t help but to realize the lock wont

-- .