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The website anyone can translate

Translatewiki.net has started using Puppet. Puppet is a tool designed to manage the configuration of servers. Like Wikimedia’s, our configuration is public and stored in the translatewiki.net git repository, where anyone can submit patches. I don’t expect a flood of them coming in anytime soon, my motivations for this were different. If you remember, some months back I had to learn some Puppet to write the Solr configuration for Wikimedia deployment. Now I wanted to learn more and gather more experience on using Puppet. It will also greatly help if we ever need to reinstall the translatewiki.net server from scratch (which is quite likely to happen soon). As a bonus it gives transparency and something I can refer people to when they ask how some particular thing is done in translatewiki.net. As time permits, I will be moving more configuration to Puppet.

Mitä isot edellä, sitä pienet perässä. (Internet suggest the closest translation is Monkey see, monkey do.)

I also added the translatewiki.net repository to Ohloh. If you use translatewiki.net as localisation platform, feel free to add it to your stacks by clicking “I use this”, or to embed its widgets in your website. Ohloh also gives some cool stats:

In a Nutshell, translatewiki.net…

Together with the introduction of Puppet, I also switched the webserver of translatewiki.net from lighttpd to nginx. The biggest reason for this is that https was broken for Google Chrome users, but in general nginx feels faster and more robust and the way PHP is used with it is much simpler (php-fpm instead of spawn-cgi). The Wikimedia operations team is supposedly going to test nginx soon, so we will see whether the tide also goes that way.

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