Two paradigms: Gettext and Mediawiki

Gettext starts from quite a different perspective to i18n. Especially it differs in who should do the ugly work. The thing is, Gettext tries to hide the i18n from developers, while the system we build in Betawiki aims for minimising the work translators have to do. These two aims produce systems that are different and it needs some thought how to combine them together. Fortunately these two aims aren’t entirely incompatible. I have to say that hiding i18n from the developers has its good and bad sides, but I’m not to judge whether it has more good or more bad.

Paradigms aside the main difference seems to boil down to tracking changes to messages. Betawiki does it, and it is easy because every message is identified by a unique name. Gettext doesn’t really, it just prefills the translations for new and changed messages by guesswork.

We use MediaWiki pages, which have a concept of unique name. So obviously I need to generate some kind of unique names for the messages in Gettext files. Maybe hash of the contents and context, which is the Gettext definition of uniqueness. Not pretty, but as the developers aren’t forced to name the messages, there is probably no way to get meaningful names.

That should be a start at least. I have been fiddling with the code trying to separate file format support to own classes from other code, but I’m not yet happy with it.

I also hope I figure out some clever trick to track messages changes from .po files to keep more history in the wiki. It may be that i could use Gettext guesswork algorithm to some extend, but it may also be that it is not worth it, due the nature of Gettext. In any case we have the history for changes in the translations.

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