Gettext support is coming

I have managed to translate one string with the extension and export a file including existing translations, and have it work. This means that I’ve implemented a parser and exporter for po files.

Most of the time went into refactoring the old code to support other file formats easily. Exporting is as easy as possible:

$lang = array( 'fi', 'de' );
$target = '/tmp';
$group = MessageGroups::getGroup( 'out-freecol' );
$writer = $group->getWriter();
$writer->fileExport( $langs, $target );

The above code exports FreeCol translations to the tmp directory. Those file can then be committed to the vcs. Each project (group) has a preferred output format. It is also possible to export to other supported file formats by creating a writer manually.

As gettext messages don’t have ids, I had to create those. Currently it is just hash + snippet, which produces page titles like MediaWiki:33e5da6ddaa6edf2f1cdf8c235813747e40fc326-Disable Ethernet Wake-On-Lan w/fi. It is not pretty, but good enough for now.

Anyway, the support is “coming”, not ready. Still to do are for example gettext plural support, better formatting of authors, importing external changes and so on.

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