Gettext pecularities

All kinds of weird things show when looking different po files. While implementing support for the standard way of doing plurals, I found that for example Wesnoth has comments inside the definitions itself, which is quite unexpected, when the po format itself has designated syntax for many kinds of comments! Just look at the snippet taken from Gettext manual:

     #  translator-comments
     #. extracted-comments
     #: reference...
     #, flag...
     #| msgid previous-untranslated-string-singular
     #| msgid_plural previous-untranslated-string-plural

I’m not sure what to do to those… It doesn’t hurt to leave them as is… but it is counter-intuitive to translators… but that would make the code more complex… decisions.

Anyway, the plural support seems to kinda work. At least it parses nicely, but I still need to make sure the special handling doesn’t break comparing messages (for import) and gets exporter properly. Also, KDE3 uses some kind of own format for plurals, but doubt if it is worth making it a special case too.

Aside from improving Gettext, I had to fix somewhat broken author export. It didn’t all authors always, and while I was fixing it, I implemented a blacklist to filter our bots so that they do not appear in every author list.

I also changed the code to support having messages in different namespaces. Now that we support multiple formats, and the number of external projects is probably growing, it was needed. The message cache of MediaWiki was not designed to handle hundreds of thousands of messages. Having one namespace per project also helps filtering and reducing key conflicts. Unfortunately it broke our recentchanges hacks, which means I had to rewrite those, now in a more proper way.

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